Call for Authors, MSF Ebola reflection book « Ebola: the politics of fear »

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa triggered one of the largest deployments of Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) in history. Although MSF had experience with outbreaks of Ebola and similar hemorrhagic fevers in the past, both the number of cases and geographic spread of this outbreak have been unprecedented. This has posed enormous medical, logistical and organisational challenges that often demanded novel responses. The scale of this epidemic also uncovered many political challenges both on the local and global levels.
MSF is proposing a book publication, inviting authors to explore this crisis in depth in chapters with a critical perspective on the politics behind decisions made by all actors, including MSF, during the epidemic. Tentative chapter topics include, but are not limited to: the sluggish global health response to the crisis, from NGOs including MSF to the WHO; MSF’s call for military deployment and biological security expertise and the ultimate role played by the military; Ebola, global health, and the discourse of ‘resilient’ health systems; the collateral damage of the epidemic on fragile West African health systems; the controversial case of Dr. Khan and the use of Z-Mapp; compromises to patient care driven by desire to minimize risk to staff while maximizing epidemic containment; controversies over health worker, patient and communities’ containment; the politics of the exceptionally fast tracked Ebola vaccines and clinical research; Ebola and population mobility, including issues of migration, travel, stigmatization, and asylum; medivac policies; and finally; fear around Ebola as a catalyst for action and/or paralysis.
The editors seek qualified authors to analyze these issues or other relevant topics proposed by authors that fit within the framework of the book. As well as being expected to draw upon their own expertise and research, authors will be given liberal access to key resource persons and documentation of MSF to complete their research. Many of these materials will be accessible remotely. Although no remuneration is provided, travel for field research in the affected countries will be facilitated and subsidized by MSF where applicable.
Chapters are expected to be around 9000 to 10000 words. First drafts of chapters will be
expected by February 1, 2016.
Deadline for Application: July 30, 2015
All expressions of interest and questions should be sent to Potential authors should submit a CV (preferably with reference to previous publications) and include either A) a letter explaining topic(s) of interest and expertise or B) a chapter proposal/abstract (200-400 words in length).
Final author selection will be made by August 31, 2016 and all applicants will be notified of
the status of their applications.

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