DSA launches book series on Critical Frontiers in International Development Studies with Oxford University Press

The Development Studies Association of the UK and Ireland is pleased to announce that it is launching a book series on Critical Frontiers of Theory, Research and Practice in International Development Studies, to be published by Oxford University Press.

The series profiles research monographs that will shape the theory, practice, and teaching of international development for a new generation of scholars, students, and practitioners.

The objective is to set high quality standards within the field of development studies to nurture and advance the field, as is the central mandate of the DSA.

Critical scholarship is especially encouraged, within the spirit of development studies as an interdisciplinary and applied field, with a classical focus on national and global processes of accumulation and structural transformation, and associated political, social, and cultural change. In this manner, the series seeks to promote a range of applied theory and empirics based on the analysis of historical development experiences, as was the methodological and epistemological strength of classical development studies.

The focus on single-authored manuscripts, in the range of 70-100 thousand words, is seen as providing an ideal model for achieving this objective given that they allow for longer elaborations of theory, data and analysis, as well as greater accessibility than journal articles. The series will also offer the possibility of a ‘Gold’ model for open access publication if this is desired by authors and/or required by funders.

The founding editors of the series are Andrew Fischer (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague), Uma Kothari (Manchester University), and Giles Mohan (Open University). All three are DSA council members. They can be contacted for further information about the series or for discussing prospective book proposals through the email address: dsabookseries(at)devstud.org

At OUP, Adam Swallow, Commissioning Editor for Economics and Development, will work with the series editors, coordinating the review process and publishing arrangements: ‘We are looking forward to working with the DSA to establish and promote an exciting range of titles that will engage and influence development thinking.

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