Rencontre débat “De l’action humanitaire à l’aide globale” FMSH Paris le 6 oct. 2016

Le jeudi 6 octobre 2016 à 18h30, les éditions de la FMSH organisent les Entretiens du Comptoir autour de publications récentes abordant les mutations et réorientations de l’action humanitaire.

Les guerres, les fondamentalismes religieux, les épidémies et épizooties, les changements climatiques et les famines qui s’en suivent, imposent en ce début de XXIe siècle une mutation de l’aide humanitaire devenue, depuis la fin de la Guerre froide, une aide globale.

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CFA Humanitarian Action and Ethics, 26 and 27 May 2016, Sciences Po Paris (CEVIPOF)

The workshop focuses on humanitarian action, i.e. the action that aims at saving lives, alleviating suffering and protecting human dignity during and in the aftermath of crises caused by disasters or conflicts (in particular, but not exclusively, activities of UN agencies and NGOs). The aim of this workshop is to explore lived experiences of humanitarian actors and invite discussion on relationships within humanitarian practice (such as relationships within humanitarian organisations, within affected communities, and between humanitarian actors and recipients of humanitarian assistance).

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CFP : New Types of Actors in Humanitarian And Development Public Policies

Although humanitarian and development policies have been seldom analyzed in terms of public policies, scholars have studied the different types of publics constructed by project logics and assistance bureaucracies. For twenty years, new group identities have been added to the existing nomenclature of international aid beneficiaries like the stakeholder or the participant in participatory projects. But it is unclear whether a single perspective on recipients is emerging. Continuer la lecture